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Dynamic Named Range for Unorganized List in Excel

I have a spreadsheet where I have a list of individuals on 1 tab [Tab 1] based on information from a different tab [Tab 2]. On a third tab [Tab 3] I have a report generator based on the summarized information on [Tab 1]. The drop-down lists to generate the report on [Tab 3] are dynamic as each filter lists a different set of data from [Tab 1]. I set up the dynamicly named ranges via a macro using the =OFFSET(Tab1!$D$1042,0,0,Tab1!$D$1040,1) where it can grow based on the count in the cell with the count.

My problem is, is the count is a CountA and counts anything that is not blank so say it states 3 as not being blank and those cells are in D1043, D1044 and D1050. The list will show 3 in the drop down however it will only show the values from D1043, D1044 and D1045 rather than displaying correctly only the cells with values.

Do I need to organize the list before I set up the dynamic range or is there a way to only select cells with values?
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