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Can't print from Win 7 to XP shared printer

I am using a Windows 7 laptop.
I can print just about anywhere on the network.
There is an XP system with a shared printer .. now the 2nd such shared printer.
I have removed and added printer drivers on the Windows 7 machine.
etc., etc.
But, whenever I print from this one Win 7 system to this one XP system, the print jobs just disappear into space.
Lately they have started showing up on the XP printer but eventually just go away.
No other computers, Win 7 or XP have a problem printing to this shared printer.
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XP is x86 (32 bit) and 7 is x86 or x64?
Have you updated the driver on the win 7 PC and tested it?
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XP is 32
7 is 64
Update the driver:
I have removed and added printer drivers on the Windows 7 machine.
etc., etc.
And, I used printui /s /t2 to remove the drivers entirely before proceeding.
Yes.  I find that the latest download seems to work the most often.
This is an HP Laserjet P2035n
The previous printer was an HP Laserjet 1108? 1018? whatever....

To my horror, I find that the latest downloaded driver, when installed, asked for the USB to be connected.  Of course there isn't one.  So, I had to cancel the further installation.  But, thereafter, the printer will install .. seems to find the driver OK.
This worked for me today on another comp[uter/printer combination with a network printer.  Still a P2035N / same newest driver for 2035 2535n 64.
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I said it worked "on another computer".  The problem persists with the original - which was the purpose of this question.
I apologize for my misunderstanding. Hope to give you some useful suggestion shortly.
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Two interesting suggestions.

Install the latest printer firmware.

I didn't know that one could use both USB and ethernet on a printer at the same time!!

So, the suggestion would be for this one Windows 7 computer:
Give the printer an IP address on the subnet (static to be sure).
Install the printer on the errant Windows 7 machine using the wired ethernet network connection TCP/IP port rather than the shared network connection via the XP machine with USB.
Did you have a chance to upgrade the firmware and print from 7 to HP via LAN?
The owner took it out of play.  So no more experiments / fixes.
I don't know if this would work in this case and can't try it now.