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Small business Internet connection issues

For a while now we've been having internet issues.  To the point that the internet slows down greatly.  Then a few minutes later it pops back and is just ok.

I was thinking it was a DNS issue and there was issues with my DC's and DNS, but resolving those hasn't helped.

I have TW Telecom Business.  15MB up/down.
I have a VLAN that the TW dumps into and a Cisco 1841 router/VPN that provides the connection for the office.
There is also a Guest internet network that is plugged into that VLAN.

I have four switches.
2 - Dell 3248 Switches.
A Linksys gigabit Switch
A Netgear Gigabit Switch.

The VLAN used to be on another Dell 3348 switch, but thinking that was the issue I moved it to the Linksys Gigabit Switch.

The entire office appears to have these internet issues while on the Corp network, but when these issues come up the Guest network seems to be fine.

I've tried to track this down, but I'm not sure where to go from here.
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If you have a spare PC or VM you could throw SmokePing on a linux box.  It's a latency tester that I find pretty useful.  Set up a few different endpoints to test ping, like 2 internal network endpoints, the gateway, the ISP's DNS server,, etc.  It'll ping each at an interval you set, like every 30 seconds, then display the information on a graph in a web page.  Might help you track down the problem.
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During a slow down, or soon after, run "show proc cpu hist" on the router.

It'll give you a few graphs showing CPU usage; see if you're pegging CPU usage during the slow down.
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I have attached a text file for what it shows.
I tried to paste it in here, but the formatting didn't work.
OK, it does not appear to be a CPU resource issue.
I'm well behind on IOS software on the Cisco router so I am updating that next week.
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Cisco firmware upgrade was just the next step to rule the device out, but it seemed to fix it.