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SQL 2005 - determine 60 days prior to Anniversary of Hire Date

I need to configure a notification to alert Managers when it is 60 days prior to an employee's Hire Date Anniversary.

When I extract the month and day from the Hire Date (it's a datetime field in SQL 2005) and then try to determine the amount of days from today, getdate(), the extracted month and day are now a string and can't calculate datediff....  I've tried converting it back to date, but then I get the year again and I don't want the year, just the difference in the days from the Anniversary of the Hire Date to today.

Thanks for any suggestions/help.
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why can't You calculated daydiff before conversion and then preform assign of @hiredate?
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The datediff from a Hire Date would never be 60 days in the future and that's what I need is 60 days prior to the Anniversary of their Hire Date.

If there's a way to do a datediff against the month and day I could, I just don't know how to do that, do you?
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This gives me the day of the year.  I can then calculate the difference between the present day of the year against the Hire Date and create the 60 day prior notification that I need.