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Upgrade esxi 5.0 to 5.1?


Please tell me

-why should one ugprade to ESXi 5.1?
-are there extra "great" features why to do so? f.e. is Windows 8/2012 better supported?, can you run hyper-v vm "out of the box" (without messing around in config-files)?
-I heard there is a "single sign on" which is really ennoying to configure? for a labenvironment I want to have a little problems for now (not focussing on esx but on Windows for the moment, esx will come later)?
-what about the image upgrade: you can import the esxi 5.1 image, then upgrade with that, never tried it this way, does it work correctly?
=> note: tried to import the esxi 5.1 image (307 MB) but didn't want to import (error: "the uploaded upgrade package cannot be used")

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Unless you need the features.

Ah, no, - it's buggy wait for the U1 release, unless really desperate, and want to post many questions on EE, as to why doesn't this work!

As for Hyper-V, both ESXi 5.0 and ESXi 5.1 are experimental features, not production, and it runs very slow, ideal for labs, but not production.

Windows 2012 and Windows 8.0 run okay on ESXi 5.0 U1.

You can upgrade using Update Manager, or simply uploading the Offline Bundle to your ESXi 5.0 server using WinSCP, and issuing the esxcli software update command, restart and your done.
Some of the extra features you get in 5.1 is that you no longer have to deal with vRAM, it has gone away. vSphere 5.1 also includes VM backup software based on EMC's Avamar product for free as well storage vmotion is now free as well (standard or higher).  May be worth the price of admission.

SSO is not too bad unless you install it using a named instance on SQL, otherwise have not had issues with it.
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Thanks! Please clarify the SSO, just want to do the upgrade (might not do it because of first comment) don't have spare time to spend on troubleshooting.
I would start a new Lab! (or build nested ESXi Lab!)
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Its always good to use latest Software releases. There is the new Hardware Version 9 and you dont need to reboot your VM after upgrading VMware Tools. The most News are configuration maximums what ordinary isn't needed.
One more 5.1 feature:

vMotion doesn't require shared storage (but you have to use the vSphere Web Client to do vMotions without shared storage.)
vMotion requires shared storage.  Storage vMotion does not require shared storage.
from the aticle:

When a virtual machine needs to be migrated between hosts that do not share storage, vMotion copies the data across the vMotion network using some of the Storage vMotion code.

Typically vmotion indicates that you're changing the server that hosts the cpu and memory for the VM..Storage vMotion is moving the entire VM...VMware just re-branded it and included it for free in 5.1 when Hyper-V 3 came out.

This is nothing new as far as I can see.
Whatever. Believe what you want. vMotion works without shared storage in 5.1 using the vSphere Web Client.
ofcourse it does, it's been available for's a combo of vmotion and storage vmotion.  Been doing the same thing since ESX 4