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Empty pop mailbox without a traditional email client?

I'm using a hosted email provider (1and1) for a lot of POP mailboxes that I don't have setup in Outlook. These mailboxes forward emails to another address (from which I read the emails), but they also need to be "real" mailboxes (not just forwarding mailboxes) so I can send from the accounts when needed.

They are 1GB mailboxes and fill up rather fast. I need a script or program that will login to the mailbox and empty the contents on a scheduled basis. I have seen scripts out there like the below, but I need to run this on Windows not a unix webserver:

"Mailbox Cleaner"

Suggestions on how to go about this? Thanks!
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dlSmlSS's solution will work, or you could just run php on windows (it runs there quite happily) :)
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Thanks for the solutions, I'll test over the weekend.
This did exactly what i needed it to do and worked wonderfully. Thank you.