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Media Player 11 - Can't see time while playing

Hi Experts,

I recently noticed that while playing some audio in Media Player 11, it was showing the time remaining for the track, rather than the time elapsed.  So, I Googled and found that I could cycle through the options by clicking on that time.  That seemed to work until I clicked and the time disappeared completely, and now if I click in that same place it doesn't come back.  Can't find anything via Google yet.

See attached, in which you can see there is nothing between the blue musical note in the bottom-left corner, and the shuffle button to its right.

How do I get the time back?

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You're good!  Or maybe I'm just bad?


That was an easy 500 points.

Did I forget to answer your question?  The answer is: Yes, it does come back.
Hello tel2, I can't actually test this for you  WMP 11 cause like most people we have windows 7 and WMP 12 but they are pretty much the same...
Which mode are you using?
Skin mode?
WMP 11 by default does not display the time at all when "classic menus"
 are used. If you turn the classic menus off, the time display is at
 the TOP of the window

I have never actually seen the remaining time with audio or video only elapsed.
WMP 12 play now playing mp3
User generated imagePlaying a Video
User generated image
However with MPCHC ( media player classic home cinema) open source replacement for WMP
does show the time elapsed and remaining for both audio and video.
User generated imageUser generated image
Oh !! that was quick I just posted this no responses.
Oh well just ignore it then
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Thanks very much for your efforts, Merete, but as you've noticed, I now have an answer.  Well, it was technically a question, but I accepted it as an answer.

Did you see the attachment of my original post?  That shows that I was using classic menus, however, the issue seems to be the same with or without classic menus.

If you have a look at the attachment of this post, you'll see an example with elapsed and total time showing.

BTW, I'm using WinXP.
Thankyou for headsup,
goes to show there is a difference between WMP 11 and WMP 12 I'll play around with it in my own time.
No worries it happens sometimes.
Must be getting slow lol.
Glad to see you found a solution.
Yep I realize your on XP