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resize partition

On my c drive on win 7 I am running out of space.
On another partition e drive I have loads of space. The trouble is c drive has win 7 loaded on it so I cant simply deleted and resize it.

What can I do?
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EaseUS has a tool that will allow you to resize the partitions, without having to delete/reinstall. It's free for home use:

Hope this helps!


In windows 7, you should be able to use Disk Management to do so by shrinking another drive and then extending C drive:

For it to work, C and E have to be on the same line in Disk Management.
To open disk management:


Click on the start menu


Right click on "Computer"


Under the storage section on the left hand navigation, click on Disk Management
like matthew said, you should be able to do it in Windows Disk Management.

Another option is to make a bootable disk of gparted.
Boot from the disc.
gparted starts automatically.
drag the partitions to resize. Click Apply. Reboot. Done.
Works very well (even on server drives!). I've never had it break my partitions but that doesnt mean you shouldnt back up your stuff first ;-)
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You can use this software that will be able to extend/resize the partition.
Take a screen shot of your Windows Disk Management and post it here. Then you will get step by step guide and the answer which way is the easiest.