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sharing out a printer

I have 3 windows 7 home edition computers.  One of the computers is running a copier/printer that is connected to it via usb.  I want the other 2 computers to print to it.  All 3 computers are in the workgroup called "workgroup"  I have shared out the printer but when I go to start - run - \\name of computer it cannot find anything.  What am I doing wrong to be able to share out this printer?
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maybe nothing.  some printers just don't work in the way you would expect with the driver that is installed by default.  For example, some HP printers require the Universal driver insteat of the named driver.

However, have you run the "Add a Printer" wizard from start - devices and printers?
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Figured this part out while I was waiting.  It was the firewall.  Disabled it and not it is fine.  Have a new question.  I shared out a folder on one of the pc's and let "everyone" have read write access.  When I go to start - run - name of computer it asks for credentials to get into the computer to access the shared fodler.  As I stated above all 3 pc's are in the workgroup "workgroup. And each user has a password to get into their computer.  My question is when  I need to type in credentials how do I do it?  Do I type it like this:  workgroup\name of computer and then the password or something else.  I can't seem to get it right.
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Better yet, get a Windows Server Foundation use it as a Domain Controller and let the Domain manage all the files and settings and passwords all in one place.  Much better than having multiple users and multiple passwords to deal with on several computers.

Having said that, most folks find that it is bearable/doable on workgroups up to about 10 stations.  However, a Domain and a Domain Controller gives you central file storage, only one thing to "have to" backup, and central user managment and more.