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internet connection

I have a desktop Dell vostro which is a win 7 Prfof 64 bit and also a HP laptop, Model HPG62 Notebook which is also the same OS.
Both are connected to the internet using Comcast  by wireless, and I use IE9.  The laptop is able to connect and I can see the connection on the bottom task bar and the strength is strong.
But the Desktop is unable to connect to the internet by wireless.  
Thus, I am confused why and what is going on.  I have had my fair share of OS problems  with the desktop, where it starts with a startup repair and if it passes that, it takes longer to boot up.  
Hope some Gurus or Experts can shed some light why the desktop is unable to connect while the laptop is.  Thank u.
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Are you able to ping any sites?

In the search bar search "cmd" then enter "ping" without the quotation marks. Do you lose any packets?
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Has this desktop computer ever been able to connect to a wireless network?

Are you sure the wireless adapter is enabled? (Wireless adapters are easy to disable by accident and you may not even realize it is turned off)

When you click on the icon in the task bar, do you see your wireless network SSID?

How many bars are showing?

Are you using Internet Security software (such as Norton or Avast or McAfee)? If so, temporarily disable it and then try to connect.

Is it possible this computer has a virus or spyware? (Some spyware apps 'break' web browsers)

Are you able to connect to the wireless network but not to the Internet?

How old is the wireless adapter in the desktop computer? Older wireless adapters cannot connect to WPA / WPA2 wireless networks (only WEP which, by the way, you should not ever use)
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>>  where it starts with a startup repair    <<  that can point to bad hardware
i suggest to run a disk diag; best download UBCD to boot from, and find the Manufacturers diag for your disk brand in the HDD section - run the LONG diag :                              ultimate boot cd                        direct link UBCD
Go to internet explorer- tools - internet options - connections tab- lan settings- uncheck all the options and then click ok.

Restart internet explorer.

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This solved my laptop problems for now.  Thank u.