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outlook 2010 professional not responding on all commands

2 days ago while being unable to install a email address the system kept saying Outlook failed to execute command. Now it opnes and any request cause a Not Responfng and locks up and has to be restarted and repeat.

Outlook 2010 has been unistalled and reinstalled.
NEO was uninstalled and removed.
Google apps were uninstalled
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All patches proposed by Microsoft Update are applied? In other words: Windows and Office are both completely patched?
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I set all to 0. Fail

I set first line back to previous number 3. Success.

What am I supposed to do with this now? Is the one set back to 3 the guilty add-in?

Thank you very much.

**Email address redacted from original text.**-JARmod101
I figured this out with your instructions. A new question that seems related has been posted. Can you help me?