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Outlook 2010 - 32 bit crashes after opening

Outlook 2010 32 bit crashes after opening.  Now I have done repair of the program and what not but still I can't get outlook to open in safemode or regular mode without hanging up and terminating.  I don't mind wiping out office 2010 32 bit and going to office 2013 64 bit.  I just don't want to loose my e-mails is that possible to retain the data with out formally backing up the pst in outlook?
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Is outlook crashing or the .pst file corrupt and won't open? what size .pst file is it?

There's a scan.pst file you can run on the pst to correct any errors, have you run this?
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Out opens and then it crashes.  PST isn't currupt because I have run scan pst already to fix it and this still occurs.  The PST is almost 4 gig's.
Check that you have SP1 installed

There were some known issues that cause outlook to crash on startup and has been resolved in this SP

Now how did you open outlook in safe mode?

Did you use
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

If not try this

If you can get it to open its likely an add in

We can then look in the registry to diable the faulting addin
1.  I do have SP1 installed
2. I did try open in safe mode and still the same issue.
3. How can I look at the registry for disabling addon's?
this may be a long stretch I had a computer Outlook continued to hang, it was annoying because the size was over 15G and every time I did something I would delete the .ost which took awhile to update, so Outlook itself hung then when it made any leeway it took forever for Outlook to update the ost...basically Outlook kept crashing. Anyway, I tried everything possible until I ran a hard drive diagnostics test when the drive was actually bad. Obviously Outlook was on a bad sector. I thought drives repaired or marked bad sectors especially after removing software and installing again but not in this case.

Important to note when Outlook was closed the computer ran great - strange.

If you have a Dell it's simple restart hit F12 and boot to diagnostics.

Like I said a long shot but something that happened to me.
Currently I am running Windows 8 Pro with Hardware RAID 1 mirrored drives which isn't a dell setup so any tools that you suggest I use?
usually the RAID controller has diagnostics, is this 3rd party configuration? do you have a spec sheet, type of drives, computer configuration, raid controller, etc.
Two Drives in RAID 1:

Drive 1: WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B1
Drive 2: WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B1

Motherboard Name      Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H
Motherboard Chipset      AMD790GX
Any errors in the log file, check system and application.
LoL... Funny thing is that I just opened outlook and it didn't crash.  I am now exporting my settings and e-mail and will upgrade to 2013 by the end of the day.  Thanks for all your input.  Have a great day.
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Well none of your answers helped... I am just going to close the ticket and give everyone points.
Well I was able to resolve the solution myself.
Thanks for closing

However, rather than assigning points to everyone with a C Grade
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