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Wordpress UTC time changes randomly.

Hi Experts!
I have a Wordpress installation that runs a site that was fine until now.
Posts started to appear as if they were posted 6 hours before the current time. When going to the administrator - general settings, I find that the wrong UTC time is displayed:

La hora UTC es 06-11-2012 0:33 La hora local es 05-11-2012 18:33

However, if I refresh this page one, or several times, the correct UTC time is displayed again!

La hora UTC es 06-11-2012 5:25 La hora local es 05-11-2012 23:25

The hosting provider says that the server time is correct (23:25) so we really don't know what would be going on. This is affecting the site, since posts are published at a past time.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.


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What was wrong with the answer?  Why didn't you engage in any dialog?  You closed this question with the worst grade anyone can possibly give at EE.  I think I am entitled to an explanation, so I will ask a moderator to reopen the question.

Please let me know what was wrong with my effort to help you, thanks, ~Ray