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If string value is one of

If I want to compare a string value against a list of possible matches, what is the best way?
An enum list? If so, how do I cycle through it looking for a match?
Or some other way?
The list to compare against would be constants
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As Andy Mentioned you can proceed with Contains, but will return More tahn one results to go with excat match

List<String> li = new List<String>();

var seelctedObject = (from obj in li 
                                      where string.Equals(obj,"Foo")
                                         select obj);

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Please look at the last tip in the article. If you have string array you can convert into list and search using contains.
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How will the first response return more than one match?
I am using this

if (li.Contains(testWord, StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase))

and it is working fine - is there a bug around the corner I haven't noticed?
>>How will the first response return more than one match?

It can't - Contains checks if the list has at least one item that matches.  (Why would you add duplicates to your list that you check against?)
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That's what I thought - thanks