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Propagating permissions from a parent Exchange public folder to all subfolders in Exchange 2010

Do you have an idea to Propagating permissions from one Exchange public folder to all subfolders in Exchange 2010.

We need a solution for Exchange 2010 if we modify the permission by the first public folder and than we will propagate the permissions to all subfolders.

It was easy in Exchange 2003 with the GUI:
Manage settings/Overwrite Settings/Folder rights

I search the same one with the exchange powershell without to specify every user and rights.
It would the best if it can read the permissions incl. users by one of public folder and they will be applied below.
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You may use ExFolders (PFDAVAdmin for Exchange 2010) or AddUsersToPFRecursive.ps1 script to propagate permissions for PF folders..
Refer Propagating Public Folder Permissions from following article for instructions

Exchange 2010 SP1 (and later) ExFolders

Read User Management Scripts from following article..
@Subsun: ExFolders has already been provided as a proposed solution on my link, I'd request you to avoid repeating the same solution.

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That it may command (Get-PublicFolder and Set-PublicFolder)  to do this, I realized.
But it is not so easy when a Public Folder has multiple users and groups with different permission.
Do you have a example for me?
@Exchange_Geek, I haven’t seen your link while posting, even in the link it don't say how to propagate permission. Instead of giving incomplete/vague solution I would suggest you to provide some clarification on how to part. Please keep in mind that not all users are technically sound else why would they ask for help. :-)

@damadi, Did you refer the article from my post which has instructions on propagating the permissions.
@Subsun: Please read the links provided and then provide new solutions, ignorance would only complicate the thread. Moreover, your links do not assist either with *how-to*, and you've provided links for PFDavAdmin that belongs to E2003 not E2010.

One shouldn't provide instructions of different tools that aren't for the same product.

@Damadi: Refer to usage of ExFolders and help us understand where you get stuck with it.

@Exchange_Geek, I am not sure If you have used ExFolders to propagate permissions, The instruction provided in the link for PFDavAdmin will work well with ExFolders ( I mean the process propagating permission is same).. :-)