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Windows XP SP3 Home Edition - How to create a new user WITHOUT using Start menu

I cannot launch any programs on my desktop.  I cannot launch any programs in my start menu.  Anyone have a fix for this?

If not then, ...

I want to create a new user profile and see if this is problem exists across my entire PC or just one user.

I know there are some command line ways to get to the create new user screen.  A link which lists the command line short cuts to access admin and control panel features would be appreciated.

How can I create a new user profile without using the start menu because my start menu is totally non-operational.  It looks totally fine but when I click on any icon, nothing happens.
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have you checked for any virus' it sounds very likely imo
I have this year seen soom really nasty virus' that windows av applications cannot even find the virus' as they are in protected system files where a virus cannot reside
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If you can get into safe mode you may be able to create a new User Account via the control Panel in there.
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Lior Karasenti

Sounds like a virus.. you should remove it before create new user
can you run programs from your C: drive?
follow this article how to remove

I would also recommend to run Combofix
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I tried running combofix.  I like combofix.  but now it hangs for an inordinate amount of time and then I have to kill the individual processes used by combofix.
like I said some really nasty virus' that are impossible to remove using a classic windows av scanner you may need to run a linux av boot cd

this is the one I use
I will try AVG on CD as you posted.

When I try running combofix, it looked like everything was loading properly.  It asked me if I wanted to get updates for combofix and I said "yes"  Then after seeing the progress bar move towards success. the box displaying the progress bars disappeared and nothing happened.  Waited a few minutes and then when I went into task manager, there were two files which --I believe-- are part of combofix-- just sitting there, not doing anything. (see graphic).

User generated image
Try to kill each Combofix process at a time and wait and see if Combofix run again

I had similar problem and i killed one process after that combofix finish and remove many viruses and i could clean the workstation
try a repair :            Repair install  XP
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i don't see how he can do that, since he cannot bootup further..
If you can open Task Manager, you can go to File -> New Task (Run...) in order to launch a program.

You can open a command prompt by running "cmd". You can then use the command deroode listed.

Alternatively, you can open the User Accounts part of Control Panel by running "control userpasswords". If that doesn't work, you can open an alternate user accounts window by running "control userpasswords2".
Also the OP seems to be able to run combofix... So he should be able to start some programs...