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Alternative to Merge Replication


As we are doing phased rollout of our applications, we want some of the tables in the new and old databases are synchronized with each other.

We have a table called ‘Person’ in the old database Contains

Database: OLD
Table Name : Person
Columns: PersonCode int PK, PersonName varchar(100), DateofBirth DateTime, MobileNo varchar(10)

Database: NEW
Table Name : Person
Columns: PersonCode int identity(1,1) PK, PersonName varchar(100), DateofBirth DateTime
TableName: PersonContact
Columns: ContactId int identity(1,1) PK, PersonCode int FK,  MobileNo varchar(10)

As an initial step we have migrated the data from OLD database to the NEW database. Now users should be able to add or edit Person & PersonContact in both databases and it should be synchronized.

How can we do this?
If I choose Merge replication, how it can resolve the PK conflicts such as adding Person at the same time in both places since PersonCode is not identity in the OLD database.

What I have given above is just a sample structure and data, do not suggest us create a view and use it either of these places. We need both tables to be exist in both places.

Please advise.
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Yes you are right. But both applications are not accessing the same data completely. Some of the data are required to be shared byboth databases, untill all existing applications are rolled out.
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