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cdo error -2147467259 - The client operation failed


I looked at what was available as info about this subject but didn't really found an answer on what i'm having at a client. (unless i overlooked something)

I have an application written in vb6, installed on a workstation with cdo 1.21,  outlook 2007 and on works on a exchange server 2010.

It worked.. untill recently.. they have cut the connection that was still open to the previous exchange 2003(/2007? can't recall) server. Firts there was a problem with all the public folders that replication didn't occur on the server..

A few weeks later there was a problem with a certain mailbox that is used by the vb6 application.
how it works:
First outlook has te be started on the workstation, then the application.
The profile has 9 mailboxes configured, each with their respective inboxes.
where in 2 of the mailboxes the messages can't be read anymore..
the error = cdo -2147467259, The Client Operation Failed. Microsoft Exchange Information Store [E_FAIL(80004005)].
Every message in the inboxes are set to be called into a gridview so they can manage what is spam/advertisment/...
it loads up all the messages from 7 mailboxes, but not from 2 specific mailboxes.
It error happens when a variable is set with "description = pMessage.text"

i've tried many things like opening just that mailbox with the correct user, doesn't work.
At some time during testing, it worked under my windows profile, their outlook profile, and their application-account, but not under their windows profile, their outlook profile and their application profile.

i'm out of idea's as to where i can find the problem..
is it permission related? for all the others messages it works.. (i've tested with RTF, HTML, plain messages.. all works)
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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What is the size of the mailboxes in concern ... and when you say it opened on your Machine ... its cause its trying to open with your credentials.

- Rancy
1. these mailboxes where VB6 application fails - do you see them OK in Outlook that is started?

2. Try to delete mail profile and recreate it, it's always #1 troubleshooting step with Outlook problems.
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If by size you mean, ost file: 285.000kb
if you mean by numbers of mails in the inboxes: 0 in each inbox (now 20 in one mailbox that works, 10 in the mailbox that doesn't work, the other inboxes are empty.
BUT we classify the mails in a folder within each mailbox as "<name mailbox> Filing"
we have in
inbox 1 - (that works) 484 items classified
inbox 2 - 9 items classified
inbox 3 - 0
inbox 4 - 342
inbox 5 - 10
inbox 6 - 45 (the one that doesn't work)
inbox 7 - 19 (the other one that doesn't work)
inbox 8 - 1
inbox 9 - 0


I see them under my windows profile in their outlook account, as do they (the business)  see it in their outlook account with the their windows account. Opening in outlook is not the problem. It's getting the text out of the message that is the problem with the vb6 application. subject, received, recipient,.. can be fetched.

I had already replaced the entire pc, doesn't work
i already tried creating new profiles (not accounts) and opening them seperately. didn't work.

i noticed that when i open the vba application configured to work with another profile with just 1 mailbox that doesn't work, logged in with still the same account i get MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND on a line that searches for the count of the folders under the mailbox.

when i work with all the mailboxes it goes through but goes into error on the "descrîption = pMessage.text"

I'm starting to think that the parent mailbox(/privatestore?) doesn't have the rights anymore due to an incorrect replication of the rights before?
To clarify this more:
Mailbox of EntityA is used and is being logged in (outlook) as ApplicationUser and crashes on the infostore folder count.
Mailbox of EntityB is used to loggin on mailbox A as ApplicationUser and crashes on the .text variable..

->mailboxC crashes on infostore folder count

->MailboxC craches on .text variable
-> ..

the 2 examples above loggin with UserX

Am i clear with the example above.. ?
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Extra information, i think i didn't add and just tested it again:
login in on the same pc with userA and userB:

windows: userA
Outlooklogin : userA
apllication login : userA

windows: userB
Outlooklogin : userA
apllication login : userA

in the second scenario (userB) all the mails from the first mailbox can be seen in the application. in the first scenario not.. (outlook is the same for both users.. they can see in outlook all the messages.. are there settings i can check windows profile related for exchange or am i totally missing the ball here?
Look as you say Windows login means Rights to the AD account ... so what i see here could be AD account issues rather than Mailbox issue.

- Rancy
If VB6 application works correctly with mailboxes A,B,C, but not with D, then I would open Properties of these mailboxes side by side on Exchange machine, and very carefully examined every property on every tab, what's different, every box and every checkbox, one by one. There must be something different between them. Any change found, change it on D and see if it resolves the problem - however unrelated it seems to the problem at hand.  Even better would be to export all attributes of the mailboxes and inspect them side by side.
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I asked the SYS team at the company to take a look (don't have the rights to do it myself).
Will keep you posted.

Edit: I performed another test. I created a new profile under the windows profile of the user that needs to work with this application. Only 1 mailbox was added where only half of the mails can be viewed by the VB6 application. With only that 1 mailbox assigned to that profile i could suddenly see all the mails in the vb6 application..

Cache problem? SYS suggested to migrate the vb6 application to office 2010 because 2010 works better with cache then outlook 2007, that is currently installed on that pc.
Does cdo 1.21 work with 2010?
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Vadim Rapp
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Tried to put sleep in the code to where some people thought that outlook might react too slow. Didn't work.
Work arround is that we open indeed every mailbox seperatly, this seems to work at the moment. But can't tell that this is THE solution because i don't have black on white what the problem is.
I'm redesigning the application using Outlook API. It'll take some time.
Since no real sollution can be found within Outlook/exchange, i'll close this ticket with the MSKB 2028411 as a solution. :)
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Not a real sollution.
We need to change our application for a problem within Outlook/exchange.
But i'll accept it.