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Citrix Xendesktop Certificate error

I am trying to configure Xendesktop in a lab environment.  I have trial versions of everything.

Here is my setup.
* I have 2 servers each running Xenserver.  2 instances of Server 2008 R2 are on one server and one instance of Win 7 64 Bit is on the other.  (I have 2 servers because I do not have a single server powerful enough to run everything in case you are wondering and they are not pooled)

* One instance of Server 2008 is the Domain Controller, also runs DNS/DHCP. "Xen" is the domain name.
* The second instance of Server 2008 is a member of the Xen domain and is running Xendesktop.
* The Win 7 instance is a member of the Xen Domain and is only running Adobe Reader, Flash and MS Silverlight.

The problem:  When I attempt to install the Citrix Receiver on the Win 7 vm, I get the following error when I a prompted to  " Enter your work email or Server Address."
I enter the IP of the Server running Xendesktop (not sure if this right, but I have tried them all), which is and i get the follwoing error:

"Certificate provided to the the server is not trusted.  Account information cannot be added"

I have tweaked the brower to try to get around this to no avail.  This test is just on a tiny LAN.

FYI, I following the video for setup provided by Citrix and there is no mention of this.  My only deviation from their setup is the fact i am forced to use 2 servers.

Can someone please set me on the right path and help me get pas this ???

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Dirk Kotte
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the citrix receiver try to connect to the xenapp service site at the webinterface (at your desktop controller - broker)
because the receiver try to use https the installed certificate has to match the called url.
look to the certificate used by the IIS.

i think the win7 vm should simulate your client device and not the vm to publish...?
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