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MS Access insert long binary data

I need to write attachments like word, excel or pdf files into .mdb database.

After a long search I found this solution for reading the content.

if (!$conn) exit("Connection Failed: " . $conn);

$query = "set textsize 2147483647";
$query = "SELECT * ";
$query .= "FROM tblVAttach ";
$query .= "WHERE VA_VZaehler=".$_GET['verbid']."; ";

if (!$rs) exit("Error in SQL");

while (odbc_fetch_row($rs)) {
   $fileHandle = fopen("temp\\".odbc_result($rs,"VABezeichnung").odbc_result($rs,"VAExt"), "wb");
  while (($chunk=odbc_result($rs,'VAAttach'))!==false) {
   //do something with the file
// change to ODBC_BINMODE_CONVERT for comparison


I thought I've finished, but I didn't found an inversion of the load function. So what I need is a inversion of the following statement:
   while (($chunk=odbc_result($rs,'VAAttach'))!==false) {

My tries:
Inserting it, after replacing ' with '', through plaintext with the sql statement gives the following error:
"odbc_exec(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in string in query expression"

Inserting it through odbc_execute with ? params gives the following error:
"odbc_execute(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not support this function, SQL state IM001 in SQLDescribeParameter"

I would be very pleased if someone can help me.


Marcel Burch
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Ray Paseur
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Possible suggestion - these are not really the kinds of things that normally get put into data base tables.  There are a lot of reasons to avoid BLOB-like fields, mostly related to performance and backup.  Instead consider writing the files into the server file system.  Give each file a unique name and store the name along with the URL in the data base.  Then when you need the file, it's as simple as file_get_contents().
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yes that is true, but i'm writing a "web-extension" to an existing fat client program. So I cannot change something on the settings, the .mdb is the base for both sides... :(
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Also note that Access 2007 and newer database formats (.accdb) allow you to store file in a "Attachment" datatype.
This will avoid all the code involved with doing this with BLOBS

The othe advantage there is that you can:
- store multiple files per record
- browse to and select files
- open siles
- save the file back "out" of the database

Obviously (event though the attachment datatype uses BLOB data behind the scenes for smaller storage size), if you have a lot of images, the db will stil bloat.

Thanks a lot for your help. migration to ms sql is planed, but it will take some times till realisation.

the tip from gr8gonzo was very usfull, with a little change it works now.

$dataString = file_get_contents($_FILES['file']['tmp_name']);
$arrData = unpack("H*hex", $dataString);
$ds = "0x".$arrData['hex'];

Thanks a lot!!!

Marcel Burch
Thanks a lot for your advice, i'm looking forward to the change of the database.

Kind regards,

Marcel Burch