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Reporting Services , Print on Continuous Receipt paper


I have a Report that i need to print on Continuos paper, I have no idea of the length of the page before runtime, the report might have 1 items, up to 50 , I need it to print on the paper  until the end then stop, then to tear then print the copy.

The Problem is if i set it to maximum length , i am left with a lot of white space when there is only 1 item.

Can Reporting services be set anywhere to print on continuous paper. I am using SSRS 2008

Please help

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Nico Bontenbal
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When you set the paper height to the height of 1 item and your margins to 0, how does that print?
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But when you set the height of the paper to 5 cm and your margins to zero a 15 cm report will be 3 pages and your 40 cm report will be 8 pages. I wonder how this prints on your printer. I suppose your printer ignores the page feeds because there are no pages. Or maybe this is something you can configure in your printer settings.
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i found the answer on my own, had to programmatically change the papersize dynamically