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Win 7 DUN not seeing modem

I've a windows 7 machine using a ZTE USB modem from BT
It comes with bespoke dialling software and while it works fine on other machines - Win 7 32/64, Win XP it does not work on this one machine.

The software says no modem present which Isn't true.
It's there in Device manager - clear as day - I can view the properties and get detailed info from the modem via the diagnostics tab.

Also when it comes to adding a DUN connection it says  modem is not plugged in/powered on.

Using putty I can speak to the moedm and dial my desk phone. However windows itself cannot see it. I thought perhaps DUN was knacked so I've tried nesh ip reset and removing reinstallating drivers. But no joy.

Nothing odd in event viewer
I've got 60+ of these things and they've been fine. So Id oubt it's the modem - it works in another laptop and other modems (different modem but still Huawei or ZTE usb devices)  are just not being seen as suable by DUN or BT's 3rd party dialer.

Any ideas where to start?
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Go to device manger- click on show hidden devices on the top- check for any red x or yellow exclamation ...if you see the driver then post screenshot.

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No errors/alerts in device manager.
All is as I expect it to be

Screenshot showing device manager with modem plus DUN saying no modem and BT software saying no modem.

Yes I did check for hidden devices.
Create on setup the connection manually and then complete the wizard....after that go to the particular dial up connection properties- general tab-connect using drop down select the modem.

Also launch phone and modem option in control panel and enter details like area code.

Post screenshot.

i hope you are not using usb hub ...try connecting the device to all the available usb ports...front and back.

Post results...Also post

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections


Laptop - all usb ports report same issue
New result - hinting at DUN issue. Notice too no telephone providers?
Try adding all the provider

User generated image

Cant add providers.
Go to add and none are listed.
Thats what I'm trying to do since yesterday
Nothing I can find online about it

Compared regsitry of 2 machines for telephony
HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\current version\telephony providers
Both identical
logged cal with MS :(
Disconnect the usb device then download

download trial version of revouninstaller.

Uninstall bt access manager using this program...make sure you select advanced uninstall so that all left overs are deleted.

Reboot system ...connect the usb device and then install BT access manager.

I dont think this is a BT software issue.
I can not create or use a dial up connection.
I think RAS/TAPi/DUN is the issue here

3:10 mins with Micrososft and no further forward.
Registry settings might be corrupted ..try it.

Can also try this

Disconnect the usb modem

Then extract and  run this tool

Reboot pc and then connect the device and check.

It's not a driver issue
I've had the uninstall tool before

Made no difference
Same goes for the unionstal
No difference
Microsoft helpfully came back with a reinstall.
Should have mentioned the laptop is barely 3 months old
Disconnect the usb device and then run this command to reset DUN/RAS

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Restart pc and then connect the device.

Also would like to know whether its windows 7 64bit. If yes then can you try connecting to another pc with has windows 7 64 bit installed..

If it does not work then try connecting it windows 7 32 bit and check.

Post results.

Launch services.msc and make sure these services are started and automatic

1 Upnp device host
2 Telephony ====vimp ..make sure its started and automatic
3 Plug and play
4 Remote access connection manager.

All that was checked initially.
Services are running
Win 7 32bit
More than one modem doesn't work on this machine but work elsewhere
Not a driver issue for sure I think DUN is knackered an netsh ip reset made no difference.

looks like a format and reinstall
May try system restore first, but i'd say this is not going to work
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A repair install didn't work.
Thats why I'm doing a reinstall
Award for your tenacity however if MS can't sort in a 4 hour phone call then it's unlikely to sort.