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How to find "site owner" of a sharepoint siusite - sharepoint2003

How to find "site owner" of a sharepoint subsite , I am using sharepoint2003.
Please don't come up with central admin or full control they both are differ from site Owners.

I am trying to find the site owner/Admin for a sub site.
I am the center administrator and trying to find Owner for a subsite.

Any help will be appricated.
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so how ever having fullcontrol permission for the sub site is having full control of that sub site??
Yes, that is correct.  

The big difference with "owner" is that owner is an attribute the central administrator can set without having any permission in the site collection (or any subsites).    It solves the chicken-and-egg problem.  To give somebody "full control" permissions in a site, you have to already have full control.  The first person with full control is the owner.  

A user with farm adminstration rights can set the owner for a site collection, but does not necessarily have any permissions in the site or subsites themselves.

The really annoying thing is that you cannot set owner to a group.