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Migrate XenApp 6 to 6.5

Please advise howto upgrade an existing lab from XenApp 6 to 6.5.
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You can use this script to perform an "in-place" migration.

Otherwise, you need to create a new 6.5 farm, on a new server and use the Migration Center
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Dirk Kotte
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Option 2 is for me. Can you give more details bout the nrw fa? Why can t 5.5 servers be mart of same farm?
it's by design :-(
XenApp 6.5 needs a new datastore / Farm.
there are citrix articles - but at the moment i have no link.
do you need some more details?
Why not install from clean server then? Why to install from existing xenapp6, then uninstall xenapp 6, install xenapp 6.5?
the best way is to install from new server. (my option 1)

upgrading with uninstalling the old and installing the new xenapp version is only to prevent the install of apps again
if there are only some apps i would prefer option 1