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Unable to create a Mailbox database Exchange 2010

I just added a new Mailbox server to my environment, I only have one domain.  I would be moving all my mailboxes to the new server.  The new server is version 14.2 Build 247.5, the production server is build 14.1 Build 218.15.  I am unable to create new mailboxes on the new server. I get the following this warning and error:

An error occurred while trying to prepopulate newly created mailbox "/o=Money Media/ou=Exchange Administrative Group ....

Couldn't mount the database that you specified.  Specified database: manager2 Error code: An Active Manager operation failed.  Error Couldn't find the specified mailbox database with GUID .........
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if EMC fails then try using shell mount-database

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Do you have the commands?

Also, I just want to two more things to clarify.

It does create the database but it unable to mount it.  After EMC created the database I CAN go and mount it manually.  I was not sure this is normal behavior or not.
Yes this will be fine. I've seen this behaviour before.

As I said I believe this is caused by some kind of delay whereby exchange is checking AD for details of the DB before these details actually exist in AD. It seems that by closing the dialogue and refreshing, enough time has passed for that config info to be present in AD at which point you can mount the DB.