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Restore registry hive from backup on USB/LAN

SBS 2003 crashed last night. In the days before it showed some weird behaviour:
- Login as administrator resulted in login to a TEMP profile, admin profile not accessible.
- Slow disk I/O
- Flickering screen via LogMeIn

In the end, nothing was possible. Could not open Event viewer, System Manager, Explorer. Even "shutdown -r t 1" resulted in "Application error". Hard reboot necessary.

It's in this state now. Barely running and cold lung syndrome.

We have System State backups (60 day retention) restored on another computer (, but how the h... do we restore the registry to a server that can hardly login.

Not even sure which hive to restore :(

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Don S.
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Thanks for your reply dons6718.

Is it not possible to restore just the 5 registry files to an older date?
Noop.  Not and have working system.  Besides, I suspect there is a lot more wrong here than just the registry.
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There's most definitely a lot more wrong, but we only need the server running for 2 days :(
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No solution offered. Possibly no solution exists for this particular question.
A request for help was submitted.  Help was offered on how backups can be used to restore.  But was obviously not what the asker wanted, although it is the answer.
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The question was "how [...] do we restore the registry to a server that can hardly login."

The answer did not address the fact that the restore had to be on the existing non-functional server, with hives restored from backup.

If I've misunderstood, naturally, I won't block the halting of deletion.
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Of course, makes sense! Other users should know that it's not possible...
Thanks for the link.