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After P2V want to change XP OEM key to Volume License but can't find Hard Disk

After P2V of Windows XP machine am trying to change OEM key to volume and when I get into Windows setup it tells me "Windows setup cannot find any hard disk drives"
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really would like to get the licensing changed.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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You will need to provide the Storage Controller Driver, e.g. Press F6 at Windows XP startup, and then provide the Storage Controller disk.
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☠ MASQ ☠

Your hardware emulation is using SATA.  Ideally put the floppy disk SATA drivers into an .img image file and open them with the emulated floppy ready for the F6 additonal drivers prompt as above.

What environment are you using? VM Player?  ESX?
Technically you should be using VL media and NOT OEM media.  OEM media licensing lives and dies with the hardware it is installed on.

DISCLAIMER: Licensing advice offered here is a "best effort" and based on the understanding of the respondents. Licenses can change and we may not be aware of these changes or may misunderstand them. Further, licenses can differ by country and/or region and what we understand to be true in our region could be false in your region. "they told me on Experts-Exchange" will not be a valid defense in a software audit.  All licensing questions should be confirmed with the appropriate licensing authority (the maker of the software/issuer of the license).
After recent discussions with Microsoft Licensing (UK) on this very subject, they stated is was completely acceptable to replace OEM Product Keys with Retail and/or Volume Licenses Keys, after Physical to Virtual conversions, and suggested methods on how this could be achieved!
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It's not a question of do we have licensing as we've purchased datacenter.

We run ESX.

The ESXi hosts are Cisco B200 and the storage EMC VNX5300.  What drivers is it looking for as I'll probably need to see about downloading and when I do the F6 how can it read it if there is no floppy and the ISO is mounted for setup?
What storage controller is set in the VM Settings? This is the storage controller driver you will require for Windows XP.

You will need to create a virtual floppy image using Winimage with the driver, and present/connect to the VM, after you have hit F6, via a virtual floppy device.

The above procedure is exactly the same procedure you would use on a physical build.
I think Mr hanccock has this under control :)

I'll just add that when you do get the emulated SATA recognised please make sure you use an .iso of the correct VLK CD for the repair/reinstallation.

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fabulous link steps worked perfectly!