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IIS service appears to stop working

We have a hosted site that takes care of our EDI orders. Within this hosted site we scan our shipping labels against the EDI orders for confirmation. Once this is completed, we export this "completed" order out and into our ERP system. This export comes into the ERP system via IIS service running on the local ERP server. The problem we are experiencing is that the export is failing to enter our ERP server and the hosted site tells us that it left their site successfully and for us to check our IIS service. The IIS service is running but when there is a failure; restarting the IIS service may correct the problem and if not, then a complete restart of the server itself is necessary.
Now in the services; to restart the IIS Admin Service also restarts the World Wide Web Publishing Service, Widnows Remote Management {WS-Management} and the HTTP SSL service.
In the IIS Manager, I can also "Restart Internet Services on Server".
What is the difference between restarting the services in the two different places?
What or where else should I look to find what is happening?

I look at event viewer and cannot find where there are any issues related to the IIS service except where is shows the stop/start/restarting of the services.
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You can look in the IIS-Logs. In 2003 they are unter C:\Windows\System32\Logs, in 2008R2 they are in C:\inetpub\logs. These will help you to trace the problem.

IIS should be restarted by the command "IISRESET" (it is like a warm-start). This command is run if you chose the restart within the IIS-Console.
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Caronas, I see the log but don't understand it. Can you help explain it?
I see a lot of 1 Connection_Dropped
2012-11-06 13:48:54 34196 8080 HTTP/1.1 POST /Iswebservices/orderentry.asmx - 1 Connection_Dropped IseeYou
2012-11-06 13:57:54  7889 8080 HTTP/1.1 POST /Iswebservices/orderentry.asmx - 1 Connection_Dropped IseeYou
2012-11-06 14:05:54  19654 8080 HTTP/1.1 POST /Iswebservices/orderentry.asmx - 1 Connection_Dropped IseeYou
2012-11-06 14:25:20  28409 8080 HTTP/1.1 POST /Iswebservices/orderentry.asmx - 1 Connection_Abandoned_By_AppPool IseeYou

This last line I'm confused also.
Lastly, where do I see a sucessful actual connection made in the export/import of data?
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Good knowledge of the subject and helpful to know these things and especially to take to the next level of trouble shooting.