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Cisco Switch Settings

We have a Cisco SG300 28-port managed switch, that's in layer 3 mode.

We also have a SAN behind it, and a Sonicwall firewall/VPN tunnel in front of it. We are having issues with replication to the SAN accross the VPN tunnel.

We first checked, and even replaced the SAN, and know that's not the issue. We also thought it might be the Sonicwall device, but have reset it to factory defaults, but still no luck.

The last thing to check is our Cisco switch. I'm not very familiar with Cisco switches, but what settings should I be checking for if we are unable to replicate/transfer large data. The replication starts, but then stops after about 256KB (sometimes more, sometimes less).

I've attached a WireShark capture file, that shows a RST being sent. This packet capture is from the SAN that we are trying to replicate to.
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I am not sure where to make those changes. Attached are the settings of the port directly connected to the Sonicwall Firewall/VPN tunnel.
I'm not sure where the setting is in the GUI.  It wouldn't be on the switch port, though, it would be on the VLAN interface (where you assign the IP address).