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Migration cluster. DNS issues

Hi Expers

Brief sinopsys

Last month my team work for a failing ftp batch job.

To make a long story short(er) what we found is that when an old Windows Server 2003 SQL cluster was migrated to a refreshed 2008 cluster,
there was a clustered file share that was left out of the migration. We set up the clustered file share on the new cluster but soon discovered
a problem with Windows Server 2008 clustering.

The idea for the refresh was that there had been a DNS alias (mssql08) for the old clustered resource.
The intention had been to simply change the alias to the new cluster resource but Microsoft changed its clustering design such that it would no longer support aliases to clustered file shares.
It was okay for the SQL cluster resource (thankfully!).

Microsoft seems to have added the functionality back in for Server 2012 and possibly 2008 R2 but they have not done anything for non-R2 2008.

This may become a significant problem as more 2003 clusters get refreshed to 2008. My company has requested to build this
new clusters using Windows server 2008 Ent SP2, and Windows 2008 R2 is not an option here


the issue is that DNS aliases cannot be used to reference clustered 2008 file share resources.
We also discovered that the ftp job contacted our SLF ftp server, which then referenced a DFS share.

That DFS entry was set to use the alias (mssql08). We changed the DFS entry to point to the new cluster resource name and the problem was resolved.

If there is a better solution then it should be implemented.
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Any ideas?
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