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File Storage & BDR

I have a client that is in need of a redundant file storage solution that is also capable of off-site backup for disaster recovery. An online backup service for disaster recovery isn't really feasible with their internet connection.

What I am looking for is a NAS (or similar) with say 3-4 drives in a RAID 5 or 6 and have another drive or two that can be hot swapped with a couple spares to be taken off-site in case of fire or other disasters to the building where the file server resides. Storage capacity would be 2TB - 4TB.
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Are you looking for offsite  backup or DR?

One consists of having a spare set of your data off site,the other being how fast can you get the biz back up and running.
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Actually the speed of data restoration is not that important. The most important thing for this client would be offsite copies of the data.

For simplicity I guess I could just do a Synology, Iomega, etc NAS with RAID 5 and then rotate out backups of the RAID volume to a few USB drives that could be taken offsite. I was just looking for a more robust automatic solution.