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Address rewriting and Exchange 2010 SP1

We have a need for address rewriting and from what I read, this feature is only supported on the Edge role which we don't have and do not want to implement. I found some software from a company called Code2 but I was wondering if there was anything else. I don't want shareware or some program someone cobbled together. It has to be from a legit company that will support the product. We don't mind paying for good software. The Exchange Edge option is out. It's too costly with licenses and implementing will be a hassle for us because of our architecture. If someone has some other company names I can check into, I would appreciate it. We run Exchange 2010 SP1 but can easily upgrade to SP2 if needed. We are just looking to rewrite the reply to address so some users can send email from a different Domain. Because of ILM, we can't simply modify the users mailbox properties. That would be the easiest but not possible.
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I like the Code2 product, but, the big issue I have with it is that Display Name is not preserved. I am using Exchange Rules Pro and the rewrite works just fine but the recipient sees the email address and not the proper Display Name in the email. I checked with Code2 support and they apparently don't have a solution for this. Maybe I am using the product incorrectly.
OK, I stand corrected I guess. The reason the Display Name was not preserved is because I did not include the rewrite SMTP address on the users properties in Exchange. As soon as I added the SMTP address to the mailbox, the email now gets received by the recipient with the Display Name, not the email address.
Well, I guess I stand corrected yet again. The Display Name gets preserved but now the address does not rewrite the way it's supposed to. So this is what I am faced with. When the user has two SMTP addresses, the Display Name gets preserved but the address does not rewrite. It always comes through with the primary STMP address regardless of what I specify in Code2.

When the user has one SMTP address, the rewrite works fine and the address I specify in Code 2 is what comes through, but, the Display Name is not preserved. I have an email into the support about this. If anyone has any experience with this product, please chime in. This is huge for us and will save a ton of work if we can get it to work the way we want.