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Data Validation Excel 2010

I am trying to use data validation to keep things simple for my user.  We have a month cell (Jan, Feb, Mar) ect and a Date cell (1-31).  

I would like the date cell to look at the month cell and only have the valid number of days.  ie if Jan is picked then date would only have 1-31 but if feb is chosen then date would have 1-28.  

How can I do this?
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Create 2 lists.  One that has all the Months (name this list MonthList) and then create a list of numbers from 1 to 31 and call this list DayList.

For the Month validation, use List and enter =MonthList.

Then for Day validation, use


where H2 is cell with Month drop down.
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How do I do this excel 2010.  I don't see list as an option.
You need to go to Data -> Data Validation and select "List" in the Allow dropdown box...
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I figured it out this worked.  Thanks for the help.