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Automated regression testing for reports

One of my customers has a report that has dozens of options.  Their customers will set up a profile with their options selected.  As we add features or make other changes, we need to regression test the profiles to ensure we haven't inadvertently changed or broken something.

I thought there were 10-12 profiles in use and suggested printing a given data set to PDF in each profile and saving that as a baseline.  When we change something, reprint all those PDF's and visually compare.

I'm told there are actually several dozen profiles in use.

I would think about printing to either PDF or XPS and performing a byte-by-byte comparison, but metadata (like the date printed) will change causing false failures.

Has anyone here solved this kind of problem?

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Thanks for the suggestion, phoffric.  Unfortunately, layout changes need testing as well as content, so text comparison won't cut it for us.
I was hoping there was a better way.  It looks like I'll need to write one ... and sell it :)