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background image display in chrome

Here's the page:

Notice to turquoise blue bg image at the very top with the white links and google translate.

here's the css:
body{background:#fff url(/newsite/images/masthead-tile.png) repeat-x; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;color:#1f3163;/*dk blue*/}

works in every browser except chrome -which shows the bg color but not the image. i've messed with separating them out (i.e. background-image:....; and background-color:....; but still no love - any ideas?
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are you talking about the "faded" building picture?  I just looked in Firefox and Chrome.  Looks fine to me.
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Looks exactly the same to me in FF,IE9 and Chrome
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Chrome/PC doesn't show the top - see attached -i'm referring to the horizontal tile at the very top of the page - a turquoise gradient. i've attached the ff version (the way it's supposed to display) and the chrome with the white bg and no image.
oops -here's the chrome version
that displayed fine for me in Chrome/PC.
Which version of chrome you are using??
It's coming fine for me as well.
Attaching the screenshot
yats - i just updated to the most recent version (chrome/pc). your screenshot doesn't show the top nav  - the top nav is just above the building photo. it's a turquoise gradient with white links and a google translate drop down
While I cannot see the problem - looks fine to me - try swapping your background images so #wrap has the turquoise background and body has the hospital image.
GaryC123 - when switched, the turquoise image tile disappears in all browsers but the white bg is in tact
getting the page properly.
Attaching the screenshot.
Please mention your browser version.

One more thing, You are using float left for every div except <div id="wrap960">
try to use display inline and width property instead of float left.

why you are keeping heading image to body, create subtag for header in body and put the image for there.
I see the turquoise gradient behind 'physician log in,' etc.

Chrome 23.0.1271.64 m Win7 Enterprise-64
Fear not the float. Inline has its own issues.
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"Have you tried disabling all of the extensions you have installed in Chrome?"

is a good idea since it seems like no one else is having the same issue. will try and let u know - thanks for the help
I'm sure you've already tried clearing the cache. I've noticed that Chrome seems to cache a lot.
That was it! The frickin ask toolbar! Thanks for the help