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More Wireless Access Points?

I have a wireless infrastructure using Cisco Aironet 1142n Access Points and a Cisco 4404 Wireless Lan Controller.  Everything works fine but we are about to introduce many handheld wireless devices as we begin a BYOD initiative.  This is a public school and we are provding (or should I say, arming) all our students with IPhones.  Yes, I know, someone left the asylum door open.  My question is this.  Should I increase the number of Access Points to handle the increased load or should I replace the existing ones with APs of higher bandwidth?
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Adam Brown
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You could probably get away with doing either one. I'd probably trend more to higher bandwidth myself, just because you can't always control which WAP a user is going to get hooked up to, even with the WLAN Controller. A 3500 doesn't cost too much more than the 1142n, depending on who you get it from, so that may be a better solution for you.
Take a look at these:


For WiFi I have the perfect solution.  It's a company called Ubiquiti and they make what they call their UniFi discs.  These discs look like flying saucers and come with a super easy to use and setup software.  You plug them in in your locations then go to a computer and install the software then it finds them and pulls them all in so you can make one giant network without having to set up multiple access points.  You can create a guest account in less than 10 seconds.  They are super affordable and run great.  I think they cost somewhere between $120-150 for a 3 pack.  Check them out here:
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Thanks fdquzman ... My own experiment says you're spot on.  I plugged one in at a congested area where @ 30 laptops were logging on.  Things were very slow before but improved considerably after plugging in the 2nd AP.  I think my question was seeking some verification.  I do have the ability to throttle and will play with that.  Thanks again.  Points to you.
You're welcome... Glad was able to help out...  Regards,  Fred...