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Driver for TROPHY PCI Card

We are searching for a driver for Trophy PCI Card. The card is used in conjunction with connecting to Gendex 9000DPI Digital Pan. The only reference on the card is J-4409

We understand Trophy was purchased by KodaK at some point.

This is a tough one
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What kind of card is it (ethernet, serial, usb) ?
Can you get the DEV and VEN numbers for it in Windows device list, or Device Manager?

find problem device ID in Windows
Start - programs - accessories - system tools - system information.  Click on "components" and then expand "problem devices".  This will identify your devices.  Look at the PNP Device ID line of each entry.  Note down the VEN/DEV numbers (4 digits long).

Then either post back here, or try looking it up yourself

PCI Vendor and Device Lists
Not an official list, but by far the most accurate and complete.....

Or use this program to find out what it is:

Unknown Device Identifier
If you can't find the manufacturer drivers, try looking on

I think you can still download drivers without signing up, but now they make you jump through some hoops to do it.    : /
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you can always try a driver search software  : slimdrivers free

maybe this is it ?
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Serial Card
any comments on my post?
Here are the results:

However the DEV states 8383 so I ran into a roadblock
re :  any comments on my post?
Any joy with nobus's links?

If no, and the pci card came with the Gendex, see if this will help:

or something here:

But you might have to get in contact with Gendex support to figure this out.

If no joy and the card did not come with the Gendex, try getting the name and number of the serial chip off the card. Maybe we can track down a driver that way.
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Too bad, but sounds reasonable.

Thanks for the update.
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