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Exchange 2003 Generate CSR for GoDaddy SSL and RPC over HTTP

I inherited an Exchange 2003 server that I am not going to outsource to a hosted Exchange company.  They need to connect via RPC over HTTP.  They tried but said my SSL Cert is failing the test.  It appears to be self-signed.

RPC over HTTP seems to already be installed on the Exchange server and port 443 is connection (according to the Microsoft Outlook Anywhere connection test tool), but the Certificate keeps failing.  So, I bought one from GoDaddy and I am read to create it.

However, it wants me to "generate a CSR".  I see conflicting and vague information on the right way to do this.  Some say to do it through IIS, other say to do it through System Manager.  Under IIS though, there is already the self-signed one.  

Not sure where to go from here and any help is appreciated.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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Exactly what I needed.