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unable to access shared mailbox in Exchange 2010

We're unable to access a shared mailbox in Exchange 2010 (Version: Version: 14.02.0318.004)  

From Exchange 2010 SP1 the shared mailbox is automatically added in Outlook when the user has Manage Full Access Permission.  It works.  But as soon as we try to click on the shared mailbox in Outlook we get this: "set of folders cannot be opened...".

In another hand, if we manually add the shared mailbox the user has access.  But this is not the way it works in Exchange.  

Besides, the barracuda archiver is unable to access the Shared Mailbox (set of folders cannot be opened)  Something is wrong but what ?

We've tried to delete the user profile, reccreate it.  We've tried other users.  Rebooting the servers and the list goes on.  

We recently move our mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.  The public folders are still runing on an Exchange 2007 server.  

But the shared mailbox has been created after the upgrade, in Exchange 2010.

We use Outlook 2010 with the latest updates.  We even tried with Outlook 2013 (not the preview but the final release)

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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Is it happening to all clients on all machines ?
I would prefer to go to Exchange 2010 SP2 :)

- Rancy
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Yes all clients.

I don't have SP2 ?
I said prefer to go with Exchange 2010 SP2 :)

hope all services are running on the servers and not event in the event viewer.
Also lets try to run EXBPA once to check if it finds something.

- Rancy
I ran EXBPA. no problem
Barracuda's engineers did some research for us and the problem is likely because Exchange 2010 SP1-SP2 don’t handled shared mailbox permissions very well.  They have acknowledge that the permission propagation doesn’t occur correctly, but have not fixed the problem.
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Too many users to manually add the shared mailbox.

But I will accept the solution because it will help smaller organizations.