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Outlook check every hour specific emails.

He I would like to check for emails with the subject of "testing123" every hour in outlook, and if no emails has been received with that subject outlook should send an email notification.

- This should also run when outlook is not running.
- should be able to specify folders.

I found the excel file but I just can't seem to get it working.
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>> run when outlook is not running
You may need to develope a Windows service to be deployed in a server (so that you don't need to leave your PC running nightly).
But it is up to you...
What do you really need?
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We receive an email every hour on the hour with a specific wordings in the subject  "abcd" .  This is just to ensure that the system is running as normal

would you be able to provide a vba code or script that checks the Exchange Server Inbox, sub-folder or junk e-mail folder.  If the email is not received every hour then send an alert or warning to specific recipients.  We need something that can work without relying on Outlook being opened.

Thanks for your help!
I am using office 2007.
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did you find a solution to this question or still need help ?
hi, thanks for your email. still need help on this.
Well ... just opened now your attachment excel file and WHAT A SURPRISE !!! I developped this file for an other user. Nice to see the work come back.

Could you pls advise what is not working for you ? so you can help me in troubleshooting your case ?

Hi Gowflow, thats good to hear :) well I basically cant get it work, lol.. am i missing anything? when i run it nothing happens, I am using outlook 2007 with exchange.

Good after this loooong pause good you answered.
I am ready to help you but only if you can shorten the laps between replies. 3 months is a bit too long to keep track of the problem and be efficient.

Here is my first step we need to make sure of the following:
1) open the file you attached.
2) First you should be prompted to Enable macroes, if you did not receive the request to enable macroes (Excel 2003) or if you do not see OPTIONS under the ribbon and beside it saying Macroes have been disabled then you need to check for you macro security for this do the following:
On the top left icon of Excel click on the Office button and choose from the bottom window Excel Options then click on Trust Centre then click on Trust Centre Settings then from the left pane choose Macro Settings here you should have a selection on:
Disable All Macros with notification
and you should also have a tick on:
Trust Access to the VBA object Model.
if it is not the case then make sure these are selected and close all the option windows save the workbook.
3) We need now to make sure that you library refrences are correcly setup for this from you ribbon menu select Developper Tab if this Tab do not appear on the ribbon then we need to enable it to do so:
Click again on the top left Office Icon and choose Excel options it whould open by default to Popular tab on hte left pane if not then select Popular and make sure the 3 item to the right Show Developper Tab is ticked if not then tick it and close and save the workbook.
4) now click on the developper menu and choose Visual Basic the first icon to the left
5) it will open VBA and from the Tools menu choose references and compare the list that is ticked on your pc with the attach image.

User generated image

 Make sure that all items on the image are ticked if not look for them down the list and select them once finished close all windows save the workbook close it and start it again

Once the workbook is started you will see OPTIONS understhe ribbon click on it and a window will open from which select Enable then close the window and it will start the workbook.

I will wait till you advise outcome of the following to go one step further.
Hello mikecraft,
If you want to have support on this you need to make sure you can reply in the normal time span or else I am sorry but cannot follow to assisst you.
It seems you are not serious in getting an answer for your quesiton.
hi I am very sorry for the delay, I promise to get on here at least once a day, if you are still willing to help me,I appropriate it, if not I understand.

in case you do decide yo help, I have followed all your directions, by references seems a bit newer than yours please see screenshot.

ok fine so where are you now what do you get any error ? you open the file do you have macroes enabled ?
thanks. OK so  I started it and for now I have it to watch inbox,

when I run the program I get this email:
Dear Administrator,
This is an Automatic notification that the Email right away:

'Subscriptions: downloaded "abcd" successfully' was not received 
up till 1/24/2013 8:47:09 AM. 
Please Locate source of problem. 
Thank you. 
Message AutoSent by 
Software JG 

Open in new window

and that's about all that happens.

great work on this by the way.
ah! I just got another email too, seems to be working, s, how can I change what to search for? also is the timer changeable?

for example lets say I like it to run every 20 minutes and look for subject:  new sales.
ok will adapt and revert shortly. Finally your awake !!!
ok here it is. I have added a sheet called instructions where it tells you clearly how the macro works and how the monitoring functions.

You have a possibility to choose the Subject you want to monitor.
You have the possibility to put a frequency in minutes that it will check forincoming emails.
You have the possibility to Monitor several folders
You have the possibility to be sent an alert Email when the Email specified is not found.

Read the instructions and goto sheet main and set all the detials and try it and let me know if this is what you want.

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Jacques Geday
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this worked great! thank you.