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Office 2010 and Excel 2010 issue. Zero's being put on end of field's with long numbers

When I enter a number in spreadsheet with 16 numbers, no matter what I enter as the 16th character it always turns it into a zero.
First question: Is there a fix?

Second: If not, I need to create a variable to search for any entries that have 16 numbers and the last digit is a zero. How can  I do that?
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Is this a problem in one spreadsheet, or in any? Try doing this in a new excel workbook and see what happens.
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One way to find them would be like this, using VBA.  This assumes you have selected the range of cells you want to search in.  It selects all the cells that are greater than 999,999,999,999,999 - these will all be truncated
Public Sub FindTruncatedNumbers()

    Dim c As Excel.Range
    Dim rngFound As Excel.Range
    Dim vValue As Variant
    For Each c In Selection
        If Not IsError(c.Value) Then
            vValue = c.Value
            If IsNumeric(c.Value) Then
                If vValue > 999999999999999# Then
                    If Not rngFound Is Nothing Then
                        Set rngFound = Application.Union(rngFound, c)
                        Set rngFound = c.Cells(1)
                    End If
                End If
            End If
        End If
    Next c
    If Not rngFound Is Nothing Then
    End If
End Sub

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You could add another condition if you only wanted the 16 digit numbers (not larger)