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IIS Site trying a different user's credentials for 2 users

This is happening for 2 users; everyone else is OK.

When these users try to go to an IIS site, the site immediately asks them for the password of another user (see attachment).  They can just click "Use another account" and enter their own credentials, but it creates an additional step for these 2 users.  It should just use their domain credentials and allow them right in.

I have tried flushing the IE cache, thinking that it's a cookie of some kind, but that didn't help.

The users are using Windows 7 Pro on an AD domain.
The site uses SSRS on Windows Server 2003.

The site is http://server/sitename/folder/file.aspx
The credential request is for server.domain.local

Thanks for your help.

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That was exactly it!  Thanks  ve3ofa!