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Wordpress Widgets Fail

I cannot drag and drop widgets into this theme. The theme is widget aware, but there appears to be a problem with the drag and drop part. This is consistent across three browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and two operating systems (Linux and Windows 7).

Here's a video of the problem.

How do I fix this?

At one point, I thought this was because I had firebug installed and enabled, but that should only affect Firefox...
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Jason C. Levine
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You're seeing a JQuery issue, not so much a WordPress one.

Can you open the console on Firefox, reload the page and see what (if any) errors come back?
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Huh.  That's the right syntax as far as I can see...

What else is installed on this instance?  Plugins, parent theme, etc?
Custom theme (of course), but the issue stays if I switch to TwentyEleven.

I deactivated all of the plugins.

Still no joy.
1) Try reinstalling the core.

2) Are the JQuery libraries local or being loaded from Google? (whatever you answer, I say switch it the other :)
Upgraded to the current version (which re-installs the core). No joy. But, on the brighter side, now my blog template isn't working. :-) (That's another issue for later).

The jQuery libraries are local. I am lookin ginto switching them now.
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It gets worse before it gets better... I have somehow destroyed my single post template. single.php is no longer doing the blog post. It just shows up blank.
Interesting.  That happened when you switched over to the Google libraries?
No. It happened when I upgraded to the new version of wordpress. (I went up a minor revision. Surprisingly, I fixed that by deactivating and reactivating the theme).
Shrug.  I really have no idea why that would happen.  One would expect a crappily coded theme to break regardless of version ;)
Are you calling me a crappy coder? ;-)
I would never do such a horrible thing.  I might think it really strong, though.