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Win2003 SBS failes to start restart loop

Windows 2003 Sever was working fine till 4am , came in the morning was constantly restarting after win 2003 logo. Tried to enter safemode and hangs on acpitabl.dat. Tried to load restore mode but hangs when you click r to restore in the windows cd. with a USB Drive connected once it managed to run chkdsk /r c:  though came but with a  serious error.  Was told to disable ACPI in boot menu but I got a HP server and this I cant find.

If I try to run windows normally or last good config get the bluescreen and unmountable boot volume error.

Is there any resolution to this in the bios ? or am I doomed and need to replace the HD

if I need to ghost the HD? I have a spare hardrive which I can connect via USB.Would I have to install a fresh window server on that, then connect the damaged HD via USB and ghost the contents to a file?   As I have not got an image of the existing computer how should I go about this? thanks
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Note: the motherboard died a while back randomly and because the HP Proliant server was under warranty HP sent a technician who replaced the motherboard on the server. Could this be the motherboard playing up again ? As a few threads state this issue is motherboard related?
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Unmountable Boot Volume (what is the exception code actually?) means corrupt NTFS.sys driver on system partition.
You need to boot this machine from Windows 2003 installation CD and start Recovery Console from there to run CHKDSK /r on the system volume.
Managed to get into recovery mode after several attempts. (not sure if this is due to the fact I attached an external HD to the pc)  anyway running CHKDSK /r now. How long should this take and what does it do?
Depends on the HDD size. May take from 30 minutes till 6-10 hours. This command will check both FS and HDD surface.
report came back after CHKDSK /r

there is no disk in drive or the file system is not supported
156158972 kilobytes total disc space
90770272 kilobytes are available

what now?
Sounds bad. Are you using RAID?
You need to boot the server from third party boot environment and look how does the system partition look. Is it formatted or not.
You can slave the drive to another machine if it is running on single HDD or use Linux Boot CD such as Parted Magic.
Also there is a professional tool called Rescue Kit Pro by Paragon
You can create a WinPE based CD with its help on any workstation and then boot this server from it to see how things are looking with file system. Is the drive formatted or shown as Unformatted/Invalid.
Take another PC that works, lay it on its side, take the cover off, and put a piece of corrigated cardboard over half of the opening.
Get the trial of the pro version of and RawCopy:
Take the drive out of the server, the spare drive you have; lay them on the cardboard and connect them as a second and third drive.
Boot the system and use HDTune to inspect the health of the failing drive which I'll bet is screaming about imminent failure.
Run Rawcopy, choose the physical drives for source and destination (being very carefull which ones you choose!), check the box to start at the end first, start it copying, and pray.
CHKDSK /R can be deadly on a failing drive...........
how do I check the file type ie unformatted?
P.S. USB will be about five times slower and is less forgiving of problems.
If the drive now says it's unformatted, you may have a huge problem; but, the first step is to get a good copy of the drive.
all the other drives are ide and not sata here only server is sata. So ordered a external usb housing to test with, any other command i should do in restore mode or no?
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Just connect the drive to any workstation that has SATA port. You need to know if the partitions on the HDD are readable at all. Because the CHKDSK error points to the problem with file system which is not readable at all.
I just connect the HD via usb to my laptop and I can see the second partition on the drive only. ie C drive is not showing. So I guess I am screwed. HDTune did not load so restarted laptop and now both drives showing sometimes and sometimes only when usb cable is disconnected it says you need to format the drives. I think it is gameover.
Go to Windows Disk Management on laptop and see there if the drive C: is marked as red. That would indicate that file system is totally screwed. But still if you have on C: important data then you can recover it using Recuva or GetDataBack.
all I se is two partitions and both are empty, maybe usb is causing this problem?
As a note, it was CHKDSK /R which caused the damage. In 1983, IBM spec'ed the innermost cylinder of any hard disk drive for use by read/write diagnostics.  If they failed, their diags told you so and you knew what you were dealing with.  Why Microsoft (and most others) forgot that is a real mystery.
But; if you need the data, first you need to clone the drive (period) and then run GetDataBack ( ) to see what can be recovered from the clone.  Depending on the number of damaged sectors, you may still be able to recover almost everything.
when I connect HD back to server it brings up windows 2003 logo before it loops hence it must be reading something from it
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ok will try this thanks
Actually I disagree here that chkdsk was root of the problem. As far as I understood it the server failed starting before you applied the chkdsk so the system was already corrupt. Moreover the chkdsk did not apply with the error.
As for the empty partitions, could you please take screenshot of Windows disk management where you see these partitions and post it here?
Noxcho; unless you run CHKDSK with no options (not possible in the recovery console or as a scheduled boot from Windows), it always writes to the drive and the first rule of dealing with a damaged drive is no more writing!  CHKDSK /R (which he ran) is what made the partitions disappear.
I installed the new hardrive with windows and connected the damaged HD but no luck, both drives showing as empty. I had a old backup of the C drive which I managed to restore though I had reset the router by mistake and now the server is not connected to the rest of the machines / router. How can I get the server connected back to he router? I presume as the router was reset I need to point the DNs to the server? How do I do this thanks
I know that chkdsk writes to the disk but the point is - the disk was already bad and chkdsk did not manage to write anything to file system (actually not write but correct what written is).

Brokenwindow - if the network is managed by dhcp then the machine should be added automatically. How could it be removed from the router?
Because I reset the router so the other machines were able to use the Internet without the server. The sever is restored with the same settings as before the incident though it is offline ie not connected to router , office emails etc
If the router is communicating with internet then it should give the address to server as well. Sure if the server NIC is configured to get it automatically.
yes it is connected to internet without the sevrer