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display numeric strength of password


I am trying to display the numeric strength of a password.

A-Z = 1 a-z=1
any number = 2
special characters=3

the password is invalid if it does not contain a letter and a number or has spaces.

This is what I have so far, but Im stuck on the assinging a value part.

Thanks for the help!


//  main.cpp
//  Password Check
//  Created by David Caldwell on 10/31/12.
//  Copyright (c) 2012 David Caldwell. All rights reserved.

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

int main()
    int count=0;
    char password, verify1, verify2, verify3, verify4;
    cout << "Welcome.\n" <<
    "This program helps you to determine the strength\n" <<
    "of any password you may chose, based on all of the following criteria for password strength:\n" <<
    "1.At least 12 total characters.\n" <<
    "2.At least one digit.\n" <<
    "3.At least one lowercase letter.\n" <<
    "4.At least one uppercase letter.\n" <<
    "5.At least one character that is neither a letter nor a number,\n" ;
    cout << "Now enter your choice of password:\n";
        if (isupper(password))
            verify1 = 'y';
            verify1 = 'n';
        if (islower(password))
            verify2 = 'y';
            verify2 = 'n';        
        if (isdigit(password))
            verify3 = 'y';
            verify3 = 'n';
        if (isalpha(password))
            verify4 = 'y';
            verify4 = 'n';
        count ++;
    }while (password != '\n');  
    if ((verify1 == 'y' && verify2 == 'y') && (verify3 == 'y' && verify4 == 'n') && (count >= 12))

            cout << "This password looks pretty good.\n";
        if (verify1 == 'n')
            cout << "Your password does not have at least one uppercase letter.\n" << endl;

        if (verify2 == 'n')
            cout << "Your password does not have at least one lowercase letter.\n" << endl;

        if (verify3 == 'n')
            cout << "Your password does not have at least one digit.\n"<< endl;
        if (verify4 == 'y')
            cout << "Your password does not have at least character that is neither\n"
            "a letter nor a number.\n" << endl;
        if (count < 12)
            cout << "Your password should be at least 12 characters long.\n"<< endl;

    while ((verify1 == 'n' || verify2 == 'n') || (verify3 == 'n' || verify4 == 'y') || (count < 12))

        cout << "Please enter another password for verification.\n";
        }while (password != '\n');
    char wait; cin >> wait;
    return 0;    
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Can you be a little more specific about what it is you are stuck with? Also, you might want to consider using a bool rather than a char for the verify flags. You might also want to consider using an array rather than 4 different variables. You could actually do this using a single char and  setting bits but you can use bools to keep it simple.
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@evilrix: no problem.
If it turns out that it isn't an academic assignment, I expect you to promptly restore my post.
you need to count each type of characters separately. then the strength would calculate as count_upper*1 + count_lower*1 + count_digit*2 + count_special*3.

generally, i would use getline to read the pass"word" into a string rather than reading each single character. the length of input you would get by string::length function. then you could "parse" the string character by character from index 0 to length-1 by using  a for loop and increment the counters. the counters also would be a substitute for the verify flags cause a count of 0 means 'n' and count > 0 means 'y'. that also would correct your current flaw that a 'y' set for a character was reset to 'n' if the next character has another type.

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Actually this was just a discussion my brother and i were having yesterday  and I'm not very well versed in C++ .  I'm far removed from academia now, I work as a webmaster for an international communications company where I mainly use scripting languages (ColdFusion, PHP etc) So, just thought I would "throw it over the fence" to you guys to see if you had an answer to our little "debate"

No worries!

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There are no doubt multiple ways to compute password strength. Here is a discussion of entropy which is correlated to the amount of operations (and therefore time) necessary to hack the password:

If you really want to research further, here is a good place to start. It is a government document (yes, governments are very interested in password strength). See the section entitled Appendix A: Estimating Password Entropy and Strength. There are 8 pages of discussions and figures for you to keep you in deep thought for awhile.
Here is a simplified (maybe simplistic when compared to the above government document) classroom video to compute either required number of symbols or required length for a desired entropy.
there is a bug indeed...
the statement
verify1 = verify2 = verify3 = verify4 = false;

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goes inside the
while (true)

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loop because the verify flags must be reset at each run.
and Sara is correct, reading one character at a time is not that good... use getline instead.
ciao --