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WISE Installer package can't create HKLM\COMPONENTS registry key

We have to repackage an existing Setup.exe for an application to enable deployment via SCCM to Windows 7 workstations.

The Setup.EXE successfully creates HKLM\COMPONENTS registry key; and keys and values thereunder when installed by an administrator.

WISE Detects these new keys and puts them into the new MSI.
When installing the repackged app it fails when creating the the COMPONENTS key under HKLM.

I can't create the Components key manually under HKLM - even with elevated privileges.

Have set Administrator Options in Wise: Install for Profile: Per Machine
          UAC Compatibility: Elevate Entire Installation

I have tried installing the app via SCCM with Administrator privileges but that also fails.

1. Can I configure this to enable the key to be created?
2. Can I put the Component Key somewhere else and still have it work
3. Any ideas how a setup.exe can create these keys when I can't?

The application is JusticeTrax
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> I can't create the Components key manually under HKLM - even with elevated privileges.

I can't say for sure, but it looks like this is the key related to Vista maintaining its side-by-side assemblies, which is why it's protected from manipulations by anybody but the system itself, and which means that you should remove it from your installation.
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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

This is the only solution I found, and it might help someone else with the same problem.
You said that when you removed security restrictions, registry key went to the right place. But the initial problem was that setup.exe successfully created hklm/components, while repackaged installation could not, and you couldn't even create that key manually. Then what is the right place where the key went?
I think, the answer to my question is important in order to understand the solution.
Vadimrapp1 - I don't know - it was ages ago and I don't have access to the environment any more to check it out. We're not using WISE any more. If the answer was important you should have followed up before now. Wish I could help.
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