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Java ODBC Updated records not showing

I've put together a small work flow tool to manage some work, the database updates throughout the day, and the records are allocated to a individual to be processed every 30 minutes.

The user refreshes the data when they want to, to get their new records. Here is the strange thing sometimes the updated records won't show for 2-3 hours after they have be updated. This happens seeming at random and I'm not seeing any errors being generated. (I have the console printing to a txt file)

I'm using an ODBC to connect to an MS Access database, I have 6-8 people accessing the database at any one time.
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Make sure you close database resources after each update
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All the create connections have a connection close and set to null
I  wasn't actually aware that Access supports concurrent connections. If it does, check on the transaction isolation between concurrent sessions
I'm honestly not sure if this is the issue, i've got it setup so that it connects grabs data assigned to the user and closes the connection process takes less then a second. And while its possible two users could be requesting data from the database at the same time i doubt that it would happen all the time over a period of 3-4 hours.

Also i have transaction level set to default TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED
I think i'm going to let the Access people take over - i know very little about it ;)
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Are you sure that you close your connections after you are done with the update?
That question had already been answered in the affirmative Isn't that the case CloudStrife209?