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Sharepoint Custom List and Hyperlinks

I have a user who has created a custom list in Sharepoint 2010. The first column contains the part number and the second column contain the title of the part.  Both are supposed to link to external files on a Windows 2003 file server. When the list is first created, all is well, however, after a short time (days, maybe a week) the items in the part number column all link to the same thing (in this case, the 5th part number down's hyperlink is the one they all link to).

Has anyone seen this type of behavior or anythings similar?  I understand that linking outside Sharepoint goes against the idea of having it and that maybe there only needs to be one place for the hyperlink (a different story), but has anyone seen this type of behavior or anything similar?
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Rajendra Shekhawat
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I am sorry and have not understood the problem clearly.

How is the data getting populated in the list ? Is it manual or using external content type ?
Is the data corrupt or display created the problem ?

Please clarify.

Rajendra Shekhawat
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The data is manually being put in there. The link for the item in the title column should be the same as the respective part number.   The links under the title column work fine, but as the original post stated, the links under the part number all become the same.  Here is a screen shot of the list.
how are you linking to this document, are you copying / pasting the network path?
Yes, the user is copying pasting the network path.
Are you using a custom view? Did you edit this view in sharepoint designer?

Try and create a new view and see if you have the same results.
Hmm, if I look at the list in datasheet view, all is well.
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Justin Imes
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But what would cause the view to be corrupted? He has recreated this twice, and as soon as he's done, everything works as expected. It's only a short time later that the links get honked.
That did fix it.  However, I'm worried that it will do it again?