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Find account number with spaces and an L in them

I have a Monarch model that distills one column into account numbers.  However, as it is not perfect, some account numbers come in with trailing three spaces and an L or LOA (or whatever) after the end of the account number.  This happens when the account number is not a full 12 digits.  So, when I bring this data into an ACCESS 2003 database, how can I check for these trailing spaces and the Alpha character?  I do not want to delete the account number, only get rid of the spaces and letter(s) at the end.  So, if something comes in as 12345678   L, I want it to be change to 12345678.  I assume I would need to loop through each account number in the table.

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You can just use an update query:
Update NameOfTable Set AcctNum=Left(AcctNum & " " , InStr(AcctNum & " ", " ")-1)

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IrogSinta, that did not work.
You're doing this within Access, right?  And you did use the actual fieldname as well?  Are you getting an error message?
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Solved myself.