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Windows 7 Printer redirection in RDP session of server 2003

So I have inherited this client, with a networked fuji xerox printer.

They asked me to supply a new pc which I have done, with win7 64 bit .  The networked fuji xerox printer does not redirect when logging into the RDP session although the rest of the printers will.  I recall there being an issue where only local printers and not network printers will direct and there was a registry fix for XP.

Is there a similar thing for win7 or does it work out of the box if both the client and server have the correct drivers installed ? I ask this as the user was previously using a laptop with windows home premium 64 bit and has the same printer installed but does redirect and print.

I have not been able to obtain the correct 64 bit driver so am using a similar on on the win764 pro pc... is it likely this is the cause?

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Thanks man. So many conflicting answers when you search this topic. For a workaround, currently I have shared the printer concerned from the laptop (that works via rdp) via the homegroup and then got the client to connect and the printer redirects...

Your post has got me thinking, as the driver copied from the Homegroup connected laptop to the effected desktop, I should be able to change the similar printer driver that im using on the PC (the one that won't map) for the one that was copied from the laptop ?  I will go on site tomorrow and give it a shot! Thanks